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Bring Back WHFS

I Want My HFS...
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Mod\\ Festival Announcements [
Apr 3rd // 10:08 pm

[ mood | Here nor there. ]

So the first band announcements have been made. Saturday looks okay. Sunday looks a little better.

Tickets look...

Ticket Prices:

$45 for Lawn
$65 for Pavilion
$100 for Pit
Prices are per day.
Ticket Price does not include surcharges or $8 parking

...expensive. And I'm not so sure about the breakdown for different seating sections. We'll have to see about that.

So, thoughts so far?

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Mod\\ Damn... [
Jan 12th // 1:17 am

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Has it really been a year?

So what all have you folks been up to these past 12 months?

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Z104 pulled at noon [
Jan 4th // 11:53 pm

It was just a bit too weird to hear that the plug was pulled on Z104 today at noon, without notice to the audience or the on-air talent, just like HFS. Although 104, which is now the displaced 103.5 classical muzak station, obviously doesn't have the following or history of HFS, it left me wondering if this is just (shitty) business as usual in the radio world? I seem to recall audiences getting at least *some* advanced notice when formats were going to be switched (e.g., when one of the AM sports stations switched to AirAmerica last year).
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Mod\\ [
Aug 3rd // 12:32 pm

Carstensen Leaves HFS - 7/27 - Radio And Records reports that Baltimore's WHFS, 105.7 FM, loses Libby Carstensen, its assistant program director. Carstensen, who'd been with the now part-time alt rocker since its 99.1 days, is leaving the radio industry after 10 years.....

HFS's Lisa Worden Back To LA
- 7/28 - From DCRTV's Rumorama. Word is that Lisa Worden, program director at WHFS, is heading back to her former stomping ground at LA alt rocker KROQ. As music director. She joined HFS a year or so before it left fulltime status on 99.1 for parttime status on 105.7. Could this mean that Infinity is planning to go back to talk fulltime on Live 105.7? Stay tuned.....

It's Official: Worden To LA - 8/3 - DCRTV's Rumorama broke the news last week. And now we get confirmation that Program Director Lisa Worden is leaving the battered remains of alt rocker WHFS, now a parttime outlet on a Baltimore frequency (105.7) that doesn't reach much of the DC area, for music director duties at LA alt rocker KROQ. From where she came several years ago. Both stations are owned by Infinity. As you'll recall, WHFS got yanked off its fulltime 99.1 frequency in January to make room for Spanish WLZL, El Zol.....
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Mod// [
Jun 21st // 4:19 pm

More Music On 105.7 - 6/6 - Don Geronimo revealed on his 106.7 show Monday that, come September, Infinity's co-owned 105.7 in Baltimore "will be playing music in more dayparts." Including middays, now home to "Big O And Dukes." But that the new home of the WHFS calls and alt rock music will still be talk in morning (Howard Stern) and afternoon (D&M) drivetimes. Right now, 105.7 plays HFS music after 7 PM on weekdays and all the time on weekends.....

More Music On 105.7? No Decision Yet
- 6/8 - On Monday, DCRTV reported that WJFK-FM's Don and Mike announced that Infinity talker Live 105.7, WHFS in Baltimore, which plays alternative rock after 7 PM on weeknights and full-time on weekends, would be "playing more music in more dayparts come September." However, Radio And Records reports that Lisa Worden, WHFS program director, says: "I have no idea where they got that or why they're talking about the future of my station. All that won't be sussed out until after Howard Stern leaves".....

WOW, I totally forgot to ask everyone about HFSTival. Who went? Everyone have fun? I posted pics from the show in one of my other communities. eastcoast_scene. Everyone can go over and check them out over there.
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May 26th // 9:44 pm

just found it kind of interesting.

the other morning i woke up and turned on mtv and the 10 to the hour news was on it. turns out the entire segment was dedicated to "one of the biggest parties of the year" yep you guessed it, hfstival. thought it was cool and that you all would want to know
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Mod\\The New Baltimore Sun Article [
May 14th // 6:42 am

[ mood | Ready to get going... ]

Okay, well the community didn't get a mention. Bah. They only used one quote from me, and it wasn't that great a one. And I'm not happy with the way he put "organized a protest" instead of "helped organize a protest", particularly when I told him that dubious_thought started this community and got me involved. But still, not a bad article overall. Check it out:

The Baltimore Sun ArticleCollapse )

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Mod\\Totally not a mod post but a post for personal gain. [
May 14th // 1:39 am

[ mood | Ready. ]

It's 1:45am. We're leaving for the Festival at 8:00am. I really should get to bed now...

So be on the lookout for these two dashing young chaps:

Craig, left.  Rusty, right

That's Me, on the right. And that's my main man Craig on the left. We'll be floating around the wonderful Ravens M&T whatever-it's-called Stadium at various points of the day. Stop and offer us Hello's if you see us.

Hugs and Kisses will also be accepted.
(and are strongly encouraged)

- Rusty

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May 13th // 6:57 pm

SEV is playing my bar, I have them booked for the 18th of june, they are openeing for MOdel citizen, how fucking great is this. I feel like I am all famous, yall have to come see one of the greatest HFS success stories ever. five dollar cover, doors open at nine, rock on.
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Mod//The Baltimore Sun Rocks So Hard [
May 12th // 6:28 pm

[ mood | wOOt!! ]

Hey everybody. Two days away. This show is gonna OWN!!

Now then, your friendly neighborhood co-mod wasn't quite satisfied being interviewed for just one article in the Baltimore Sun it seems, so I went and did it again.

I just got off the phone with Steve Kiehl, Staff Writer for the Sun. There's gonna be a piece in Saturday's Sun about WHFS's return to the air on 105.7. It's timed to coincide with the Festival. Duh. So I'm not sure how much of what I said in the interview will actually get used in the final article. I couldn't get quite the dramatic quotes like I had last time. Haha. But some decent ones. And I can't make any promises, but I did make specific mention of this community on LJ and asked if he could include it. The article is of course limited in space, so he said he wasn't sure but he'd see what he could do. Keep your fingers crossed. I will too.

So when you get to Baltimore Saturday morning, be sure to pick up a copy or two of the Baltimore Sun as a nice memento to an exciting day.

Steve's gonna email me the finished article as soon as it's done, so hopefully that'll be tomorrow night and we can all have read it before we leave Saturday Morning.

Who's ready to party Saturday?

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